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Kick back and relax in our soothing sauna. Great for weight loss and detoxifying the body. It's also a great method for soothing sore muscles!

Infrared sauna


Located @ Body By Brooke Studio
*Private room reserved for relaxation, stretching and detoxification.
*Towels and private bathroom/shower available with Sauna Sessions.
*No limitations to how much/often you use sauna.

Infrared sauna provides many benefits:

-Improves circulation
-Skin elasticity
-Reducing inflammation
-Supporting detoxification through sweating
-Strengthening the immune system through sweating
-Improving wound healing
-Activating cell regeneration
-Promoting weight loss
-Increasing blood flow
-Improving athletic performance
-Reducing pain
-Fighting cognitive decline
-Lowering blood pressure

Sauna sittings are pre-booked and you can use sauna 0-60 mins long and set a temperature of 120-140 degrees.
*Recommendation: Start off with a warm sauna sitting 120 degrees with a timeframe of 20- 30mins. Tolerance to heat can be built up every session. Raising the heat and/or time you sit each session is the best way to build up to being able to endure the higher heat and detoxification.


When room is reserved the intention is to allow you to relax with privacy and not feel rushed at any point. When choosing a length of time for sauna there is extra time reserved and provided to allow you to finish the sauna and enjoy the private room to do personal stretching with yoga mat provide and or shower and clean up.

Sauna Detox menu

***ALL must be completed within 30 days of purchase date

Option 1
  • Individual sessions
  • Sauna Time: 0-60 mins
  • $20
Option 2
  • 4 Sessions
  • Sauna Time: 0-60 mins
  • $60
Option 3
  • Most Cost Effective
  • UNLIMITED monthly sessions
  • $120 (Monthly package must be used within 30 days of purchase)

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