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One-On-One Personal Training

1Let me design a program just for you! If you are new to exercise, or a fitness enthusiast looking for ways to bring some new ideas into your workout, we can help. I will discuss whether you want to focus on cardiovascular fitness, strength training, stretching programs, or a little bit of everything. Take it to the next level!

The Buddy Fitness Package

2This is a buddy/small group that you work out together with 2x-3x per week. Because working out can just be better with friends! Get in shape the healthy way while enjoying the company and support of family and friends.


3Just needing the workout written and organized for you? Have the workout shown to you in person with proper form and technique lessons before you take off on your own! This plan is designed to give you just that!

invest in yourself

Get that One on One experience with your trainer! Sessions are tailored to YOUR specific fitness needs and goals, and are always varied to keep you motivated. Take all the guess work out and have your month to month fitness mapped out for you!


Personalized meeting to consult over your history, fitness goals, and strengths/weaknesses. This information will be used in order for the personal trainer to advise you on the best workout programs fit for you based on your information, budget, and availability. There is no pressure in this consultation to use Body By Brooke programs because the purpose is to help any fitness level!

Service Cost: $25 for 1hr consultation

Fitness Assessment:

*This is your first training session once you have purchased your personal training package. Includes a health-fitness appraisal of your cardiovascular, upper body and core strength, as well as flexibility. You will do a weigh-in and body fat assessment and goal setting. An email will follow outlining your fitness level based on your age and gender.

Fitness Assessment ONLY Cost: $30

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