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Body By Brooke is a personal training studio which happens to offer group fitness classes. Because of this I approach the classes like personal training. The classes are small and focused. You get personal training attention in a small group fitness setting. This will ensure that proper form and technique are performed properly to prevent injury. Clients love these classes because they max out at 5, which gives me the opportunity to spend individual time with each person to make sure you are getting the best, most efficient workout possible.

Semi-Private Monthly Classes: Taught by personal trainer Brooke Smith Spots Limited (no more than 5 in a class per month)
Drop-in Class Fee : $15



1Our strength and conditioning fitness classes are workout sessions based on total body timed circuits, strength and cardio designed to get you in shape! Personal Training guided workouts along with form and technique education. Weekly written workout available per request for participants of this class.


2Cardio, body weight toning. Put your boxing gloves on and take out the week's stresses on the punching bags while learning proper kickboxing form and techniques. Burns over 500 calories every class. It is a great workout and challenges you mentally while also building your confidence with self-defense techniques.


3These high calorie burning classes are 45-60 mins long depending on the type of class. Class types range from using pulse-pounding music and rhythms to break a sweat to cycling classes that use upper body exercises while on the bike to add a bit more strength training into mix. You’ll get a full body cardio and strength workout leaving you ripped!

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