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I believe personal training should go beyond a one-size-fits-all mentality. I use the latest techniques as well as many older reliable ones to help you get the body you want, fast. But building the ideal body isn't only about doing the right exercises, it's also about what you put in it. That's why I not only structure personal workouts, but keep you accountable outside the studio!

As our lives evolve, our wellness plans and routines must evolve as well!


This option is to give you a complete one-on-one experience and focus on your goals. This gives you full advantage to have a full program developed around your goals and to give you the extra benefits of Body By Brooke.


This option is developed to allow you to work with a friend. This option allows you to have someone join you on your fitness path and also keep each other accountable.


Just needing the workout written and organized for you by a professional trainer? This option is just that! Talk with Brooke about what you're wanting and she'll design a workout personalized to you.


This class is based on total body timed circuits. A great way get that heart rate up.


Get your heart rate pumping with a cardio based, kickboxing class.


These high calorie burning classes are 45-60 mins long depending on the type of class. Class types range from using pulse- pounding music and rhythms to break a sweat to cycling classes that use upper body exercises while on the bike to add a bit more strength training into mix. You’ll get a full body cardio and strength workout leaving you ripped in these fun intense workouts!

Nutritional Guidance

Change your eating style by learning about the importance of certain foods.


Let us bring the fitness studio to you. Receive the training you want in the comfort of your own home. No matter where you live, Body By Brooke can be your online personal trainer!


Stressful job causing body aches? Tight hips/back/shoulders? Tired of that unwanted cellulite? Try one of my stretching and cellulite sessions!

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