Nutritional & Additional Services

Written Workout Fitness Package

1Just needing the workout written and organized for you by a professional trainer? This plan is designed to give you the just that! A written plan or just a workout will be design for you based on your specific goals.

Per written workout: $25

Nutritional Guidance Packet/Meal Plan

2This package includes important guidance on how to start changing your eating style. It will give you important information and knowledge about certain foods and nutritional pointers. A two-month weight loss meal plan is included that has my personal journal day by day. It will tell you what foods to eat and also tells you the nutritional information alongside it. It is a low carb high protein diet that can be followed for the start of any program or just to help lose some extra pounds. $30

Travel/Online Training

3Don't live in the Paragould area or just need me to come to you? Not a problem - I will bring the fitness studio to the privacy of your home. Not only will you get the personal trainer experience, but I will also bring all of the essential equipment for an intensive one-hour workout session. How often do we come?
That's up to you!

Prices varies depending on location.

Our online coaching allows us to stay connected through Skype, phone calls and emails. Our six-week Online Coaching program includes an initial assessment, fitness consultation and personalized nutrition guidance, two 30 min skype sessions, plus weekly check-ins.

Online training

Option 1

$150 per package.

  • Assessment
  • Fitness consultation
  • Personalized nutritional guidance
  • Two 30 min skype sessions
  • Weekly email check-ins

Option 2

  • $30 for each 45 min Personal training Skype sessions

Stretching/Muscle Decompression Session

4Workout and sore? Stressful job causing body aches? Tight hips/back/shoulders or just full body tension? Try one of my Stretching/Muscle De-Compression Sessions.

* Service provides relief to sore and/or tight muscles. Incorporates fluent stretching, massage, muscle vibration and rolling techniques to help de-compress muscles and speed up muscle recovery. Epsom salt application is applied to tension prone regions such as neck, hamstring,sciatic nerve, and lower back which will help continue the recovery after the session!


  • 20 min mat session $15
  • 30 min table session $30
  • 45 min session $45

CEllulite release session

5Start experiencing smoother and firmer skin with Cellulite Release Sessions. Many woman have found by adding this to their current beauty regimen that it helps alleviate areas with cellulite. An ALL NATURAL way for anyone to work on smoothing out problem areas!

*Helps alleviate and smooth areas of cellulite. Service entails cupping, rolling, and brushing techniques along with cellulite cream application to the areas of focus.


  • 15 min per area $15 (front or back legs, arms, back, stomach)